3x Trio | V.I.P. Gold


Duration: 45 Days

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This donation Perk will instant grant you some ingame benefits on our specified Server. The donation Perk will start its duration when it’s claimed ingame, not when it’s purchased. So it can also be used as gift for other players.

This donation Perk has a limited Time of use.


How to claim your Reward

  1. On purchase, provide your E-Mail Address in the required field
  2. After purchase is complete, go ingame an type in the following command:
  3. Repeat this command if you purchased more than one donation Perk


Donation Perk features


  • Ingame VIP+ Chat Tag
  • Unlimited Access to the Skinbox with over 5000 Skins available (/skins)
  • Access to the Building Grade 3 (/bgrade 3)
  • You will not lose any XP on death (Level System)
  • Trade cooldown of 60 Seconds (instead of 120)
  • One more Backpack row
  • Access to the Sign Artist Commands (create Signs from Image URLs)
  • Access to Name Color Changer (/color [color] to change your Name Color in Chat)
  • Get double the Reward Points than normal for Server Rewards and Shop
  • Start with near full Health and Hunger / Thirst
  • Auto queue Bypass when connecting

Kit Content (divided into 3 uses, 2h Cooldown each)

  • 45000 Wood
  • 30000 Stones
  • 18000 Metal
  • 900 HQM Ore
  • 9000 Sulfur Ore
  • 600 Lowgrade
  • 1800 Cloth
  • 600 Leather
  • 3x Armored Door
  • 15x Ladder
  • 3x Jackhammer
  • 3x Chainsaw
  • 3x Pookie Bear
  • 6x Present
  • 3x Supply Signal

Daily Combat Kit Content

  • Full Clothing set (Hoodie, Pants, Shoes)
  • Full Road Sign Armor Set
  • 1x AK
  • 1x MP5
  • 30x 5.56 Ammo
  • 40x Pistol Bullet
  • 10 Syringes
  • 1 Large Medkit
  • 5 Bandages

TP (Home)

  • Cooldown: 20 Seconds  (instead of 60)
  • Homes: 5 (instead of 3)
  • Countdown: 14 Sec (instead of 20)
  • Daily Limit: 500 (instead of 200)

TP (Request)

  • Cooldown: 1 Minute  (instead of 2)
  • Countdown: 14 Sec (instead of 20)
  • Daily Limit: 500 (instead of 200)



Donation Perk Limitations

  • Only one Donation Perk (Silver, Gold or Platinum) can be active at the same time. Buying a new one over an active Perk will remove the current one.
  • Only lasts for a specific amount of time (see description above)
  • Payments are one time (no automatically renewals)
  • Kit Usage Limitations
    • 2h Cooldown after each use
    • 3 Uses Max per Wipe

Additional information

Rank Visibility

Hidden, Public