5x | Supply Signal (5x)


Duration: 45 Days

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This donation Perk will instant grant you some ingame benefits on our specified Server. The donation Perk will start its duration when it’s claimed ingame, not when it’s purchased. So it can also be used as gift for other players.

This donation Perk has a limited Time of use.


How to claim your Reward

  1. On purchase, provide your E-Mail Address in the required field
  2. After purchase is complete, go ingame an type in the following command:
    /claimreward your@mail.com
  3. Repeat this command if you purchased more than one donation Perk


Donation Perk features

Kit Content

  • 5 Supply Signals


Donation Perk Limitations

  • Only lasts for a specific amount of time (see description above)
  • Payments are one time (no automatically renewals)
  • Kit Usage Limitations
    • 12h Cooldown after each use
    • 2 Uses Max per Wipe