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Server Infos

EU | SpicyRust Main | FULLWIPED 02.2 (20:00 CET)
Map Size: 4000
Map Seed: 56006764

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📈 Summary

Wipe schedule

Last Wipe

Thursday on 02.2 at 20:00 CET

Next Wipe

Friday on 17.2 at 14:00 CET

Map Wipes Every 3. Friday and BP / Shop Points Force Wipe.
Forced wipes are excluded.

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📝 Rules

Server Rules

1. No Cheating / Exploiting / Abusing or anything similar.

2. NO Group Limit.

3. No Griefing of any kind. Common sense here.

4. No racism, hate speech or heavy insulting.

5. English only in public Chat.

6. Be Respectful to the Staff.

🔧 Configuration


  • Vanilla Community Server
  • Half Upkeep time (so you need less ressources for your Base Upkeep)
  • Random Heli and Boat spawns across the Map
  • Custom Player Stats