Terms and Conditions

By buying any of our virtual goods followed named as “Donation Perks” you fully agree to our Terms of Services and Conditions.


  1. All our “Donation Perks” have to be understand as Donation to our Server. They are non-profit and meant to help and Support our Server keep running. Some of our “Donation Perks” will give you an ingame benefit as reward for your Donation.
  2. All our timed “Donation Perks” will start its subscription only if you claimed the Reward ingame, not when you purchased it.
  3. The “Donation Perks” are not transferable between different Steam Accounts.

Refund Policy

Once a Donation is purchased on our Shop and claimed ingame, you are not entitled for a refund in any conceivable way. That also includes if:

  1. You are getting banned by any reason (like EAC Gameban, Developer ban) or by getting banned on one of our Server by a Staff Member for any reason.
  2. You are loosing access to your Account in any way (by forgeting your Password, hacked Account).


  1. All our “Donation Perks” are instantly delivered and claimable ingame.


  1. You are alway allowed to purchase a “Donation Perk” for a friend / family by typing a different Mail Address in the Shops Check Out so they can claim the Reward later ingame.

Abusing behavior

Your and all associated Steam and Discord accounts will get banned permanently from all our Servers if you:

  1. Hande against our ToS and trying to get a Refund by filing a PayPal claim or similar.
  2. Are getting an Ingame “Donation Perk” without any valid payment (fraud or abusing the shop).